Caring for Your Fine China Tea Cups

Caring For Your Fine China Teacups

Your fine China teacup deserves all the care and attention you can ever give it.  Aside from being a tea-drinking vessel, it can also beautify the home a great deal. You can even use them for decorating the home, including the kitchen. It is one thing to have the china teacup, and it is another thing to care for it. In this write-up, you will be taught how to maintain and clean your china teacups.

Hairline crack repair

If you notice a hairline crack on the china teacup, follow the steps below to restore the teacup:

  • Pour some milk into a pot and warm it.
  • Afterward, immerse the china teacup in the bowl of warm milk and leave it overnight
  • The next morning, fish out the china teacup and wash it using mild detergent and warm water.
  • The hairline crack will disappear

Black or grey cutlery markings

Cutlery markings can disfigure the china teacup and make it unpreventable. Follow the steps below to remove any black or grey cutlery marking on it:

  • Pour some baking soda in a clean, dry container.
  • Then dab a clean sponge into it and apply the sponge to the areas of the marking.
  • Then, rub the baking soda into the markings gently.
  • Aside from baking soda, the regular toothpaste can perform the same feat.

How to remove stains

If any stubborn stain comes up on the china teacup, you can follow the tips below to remove the stains

  • Pour a specific quantity of household vinegar into a container.
  • Then add an equal volume of table salt to it.
  • Mix the two until they form a homogeneous solution
  • Soak the china teacup into the solution and allow to stand for some minutes or hours
  • Fish it out and wash it using mild soap and water     
  • Instead of vinegar and table salt, you can also use water and baking soda.
  • Mix the baking soda with water properly.
  • Then apply the mixture to the stained area on the china teacup
  • Rub the mixture gently on the stain
  • Wash the china teacup afterward.

Tips to wash china teacup properly

  • Do not leave the china teacup unwashed after use; clean it immediately. This way, stubborn stains can be kept at bay.
  • Use only cloth or sponge to wash the china teacup; never use any abrasive material to wipe it
  • When washing several china teacups, rinse them one after the other; this way, they will not scratch one another.
  • You can maintain the china teacup better when you wash it using mild liquid dishwashing detergent; Dawn or Ivory brands of liquid soaps are perfect for this purpose.
  • Do not wash with bleach, as this can lead to irreparable damage to the glaze.
  • Do not attempt to wash in a dishwasher; the detergent used in a dishwasher is too abrasive, and the temperature in it is too high.


The information above is just perfect for complete removal of stains and marks on your china teacup. Following the tips above can help maintain the shiny, beautiful appearance of the china teacup for decades.